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Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Xi’an earthquake was felt in Terracotta Army and other cultural relics.

Jiuzhaigou 7 earthquake occurred in Sichuan County, Shaanxi, Xi’an, Baoji and other earthquake evident. The reporter from the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum Museum that is located in Xi’an Lintong Terracotta Army is not affected, the local also has not yet received the report of damage to cultural relics.
According to the China Seismological Network officially measured, at 21:19 on August 8th, Aba Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou province Sichuan county (33.20 degrees north latitude, 103.82 degrees east longitude) occurred 7 earthquake, the focal depth of 20 km. When the earthquake occurred, Shaanxi, Xi’an, Baoji and other earthquake evident.
That night, the reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, as of 23, the local has not yet received reports of cultural relics damaged. The Museum of Qin Shi Huang mausoleum relevant responsible person also told reporters, Terracotta Army and other cultural relics under the earthquake effect. It is understood that after the earthquake, the Museum of Qin Shi Huang mausoleum immediately arrange staff to the safety of the cultural relics in the investigation, the safety of cultural relics.
The Qin Terracotta Army pit was discovered in 1974, three Terracotta Army pit finished shaped arrangement, a total area of more than 20 thousand square meters, with real horses horse size figures, more than 7000 pieces placed in the pit

Special rectification of cultural relics circulation market has been carried out to investigate and sell fake cultural relics

According to the website of the State Bureau of cultural relics, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Bureau of cultural relics recently issued a notice on the joint rectification of the circulation of cultural relics market. The circular pointed out that in July 2017 to October nationwide joint cultural relics circulation market special rectification action.
Notice that, in recent years, some criminals for the pursuit of high profits, engaged in illegal business activities of cultural relics, the sale of state prohibits the sale or sale of fake relics, artifacts, Kengpian consumers, seriously endangering the safety of cultural relics, cultural relics and disrupt the market order, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the community reacted strongly. To strictly implement the cultural safety regulatory responsibility, blocking illegal objects sales channels, maintenance of cultural market order, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Council, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Administration of cultural heritage decided in July 2017 to October in a nationwide joint circulation of cultural relics market special rectification action.
A clear notice of this action action goal is to crack down on illegal behavior of cultural relics, investigate cases of illegal sale of state prohibits the sale of a number of cultural relics, on the pretext of “cultural relics” the name of selling Kengpian, clean up the subject of illegal business, effectively deter illegal operators, improve the whole society of law-abiding business, legal consciousness, improve the cultural market supervision work the mechanism, effective maintenance of cultural market order.
Notice that this action includes: one is the antique (Wenwan) and flea market, involving cultural activities featured commercial street, heritage tourism scenic spot check, urging the market operators implement the first responsibility responsibility, establish and implement the market management system. The sale of state prohibits the illegal sale of cultural relics, on the pretext of “cultural relics” in the name of selling fake and false advertising Kengpian investigation.

They stole the courier car and sold as scrap value million yuan

Courier Liu Qiang (a pseudonym) finally has a gap to rest, he will be filled with courier battery car parked on the road in Pingwu, a snack bar door, into their own shop for lunch.
10 minutes later, Liu Qiang out of the shop, habitually inventory the goods on the car, suddenly found the courier box less two pieces of express, including a value of 10000 yuan of art, Liu Qiang hurried to the police. Received a report, the Changning police investigation. The snack bar around the monitor, found a suspicious appearance and movements of men and women.
Around 15:18 on the day of the incident, a rickshaw tricycle appeared on the street opposite the snack bar. The car down, a woman dressed in red, first around the roadside battery car to turn two laps, and then walked into the next shop, holding a large stack of waste paper boxes on the tricycle. Just when the woman carried the cardboard box third times, she turned around and took the two express from the battery car. Then pretend nothing happened, and once again from the surrounding shop to hold out the waste carton. During the period, the man on the tricycle pulled out the cardboard from the car and covered up the two express. All this has been carefully monitored.
Police clues, according to a certain place in West Yan’an Road will be arrested two suspects. Reporters learned that two suspects in Shanghai to sell scrap for a living, the same day Lin (female) see unattended a car courier will move Wainian, and Lee crime one cover. At first, the two refused to account for the case, and faced a lot of evidence, and finally admitted the facts of the crime. At present, two suspects were under criminal detention.
Although the value of nearly a million artworks stolen, but two people do not know what the car, and the waste to the recycling station. They say stealing express means adding weight to the car’s waste”.
Although the case detected, but exposed some courier awareness of security problems. Police advise the vast number of couriers, the best goods from the eye, and if the goods are out of sight for a short time, we must be vigilant, and strengthen the storage of goods measures to avoid unnecessary losses

Tianjin a citizen to buy jade cheated millions of Internet

Who lives in the Jinghai District of Tianjin Ziya Town, love collecting jade, usually like to Amoy online to get some good things. In early 2017, Tian found a sale of jade in WeChat news, from the picture, jade fineness is really good. After several negotiations, Tian to each other account transfer 1 million yuan, agreed to buy a batch of jade. But a few weeks later, Tian Mou did not receive jade, the other party is no news, WeChat, telephone all lost contact, Tian Mou this just found himself down, “stone money two empty.””!
After the incident, the Jinghai police to combat telecommunications fraud program quickly around the clues investigation, through multiple approaches to study on information. After months of careful management, program recently breakthrough, successfully locked the suspect hiding in the path of Shenzhen city.
Subsequently, the police rushed to the school in Guangdong province and Shenzhen City, according to have mastered the clues to carry out visits Paimo Dunshou point and. Eventually, after more than ten days of unremitting efforts, the local police in the program to help police on the morning of August 1st 10 pm, in the city of Shenzhen in the Luohu District area will suspect Liu and his wife song Moumou arrested, and seized a large number of jade on the spot, and mobile phone, laptop and other tools of crime.
After interrogation, Liu and song Moumou to sell jade to WeChat on the grounds that the fraud gang Tianmou 1 million yuan, and the proceeds of crime to squander confessed to the crime.
At present, Liu, song Moumou suspicion of fraud on criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

Old Summer Palace stone lion mouth stone ball suspected lost a cultural relics department in the investigation

Beijing Youth Daily News, there are security sources recently reflected, Old Summer Palace cultural relics exhibition diaspora a stone lion lost a stone ball, suspected loss. Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited in August 8th found that the current situation of cultural relics exhibition area is worrying, although less than half a meter high fence around, but visitors can touch the stone lions still in the mouth of the stone ball. For stone ball suspected lost, Old Summer Palace Heritage Department is investigating.
[cause] tourists find a stone ball missing in the lion’s mouth
According to Mr. Li Wenbao personage introduction, in 2016 he visited the Old Summer Palace diaspora cultural relics exhibition, the stone lion gave him a deep impression, not only is the lion carved, no more is the lion stone ball can move, rather than fixed. Recently, he came to Old Summer Palace again, and stopped by the prose show to see the lion. He found a stone ball missing in the mouth of a stone lion compared with 2016.
“I doubt that the stone ball was taken away, and it’s not known when it’s gone.”.” Mr. Li said that the Old Summer Palace stone lions scattered outside for decades, has been protected intact, did not expect them to return to Old Summer Palace, it turned out to be such a result.
[visit] cultural relics on-site protection measures exist only in name
According to the clues provided by Mr. Lee, Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited Old Summer Palace yesterday. Old Summer Palace is located in the South Gate of the diaspora cultural relics inside a nearby yard, a return to Old Summer Palace for a number of diaspora in recent years the number of stone artifacts on display, including dozens of pieces of stone cleaning, stone lion, stone table, stone component, Western Phoenix cloud stigma, spring Park Pavilion “flow cup base, Orioles Singing in the Willows Fang Mei” other cultural relics, in 2010 before the time of these scattered cultural relics return to the Old Summer Palace, some relics of the introduction of the card has been damaged and aging, dusty.
Although the open-air show, but these stone relics are concentrated in a simple color steel greenhouse, surrounded by less than half a high fence around, supporting the greenhouse iron column on the alert line.
A stone lion suspected of losing a stone ball is next to the fence. As the stone lion is less than half a meter from the fence, the visitor can easily touch the stone ball in the lion’s mouth. Although the flow of prose exhibition area around the probe installed, but there is no staff on duty at the scene, but also found no signs of cultural relics prohibited touch. Beiqing Bao reporter several times to move the stone ball in the lion’s mouth, no one came forward to stop. In addition, the exhibition lines are non-existent, visitors can easily from the fine if the rope line drill into the internal cultural relics exhibition, and these stone cultural relics “intimate contact”.

The old empty art rental enterprises

The art rental industry introduced into the domestic market more than 10 years ago was once a blue ocean invested by enterprises, but never found the path of sustainable development. Judging from the current situation, although all kinds of companies to try out different marketing model, but some former leading enterprises is now empty, the operation of stagnation, some companies rely on a few single business to support the facade.
Art leasing is not acclimatized in China
On 2006, in Europe and the United States very popular art rental starts to enter the domestic market, although the art rental has developed some experience in foreign markets, but in China is still in the overall consumer psychology and market environment under the somewhat The climate does not suit one.
With the change of the market consumption environment, the art rental enterprises no longer pay attention to the setting of the deposit and the rent, but more emphasis will be placed on the style positioning of the rental work. Among them, there are both works of graduate students in the Academy of fine arts and young and middle-aged artists who have become famous, and more paintings and reproductions are still in the domestic market. The rental fee model is mostly to pay rent, not to pay the deposit, one year’s rental fee is about 10% of the price of the work.
According to the different styles of rental art, the company’s sales model is also different, line painting and more copy of printmaking, more use of electricity supplier sales model, the user can make an order through the official website or App. While relying on the mode of combination of the Museum of art, the gallery rental platform is the use of online and offline, art institutions will hold exhibitions regularly, these institutions leasing works of art originated from these by their curatorial young artists, consumers in close contact with the art exhibition after considering whether to lease. Some companies adopt the “point to point” marketing model, the advantage of this model is more active, specific customer groups choose to conquer or abandon.
Although the art rental model is different, but the art rental market is still hard few consumers interested in this auction, a researcher at Central University of Finance and Economics Research Center Ji Tao said, “the so-called art rental, decoration, decoration is refers to the consumer demand, but the economic capacity limit, only to lower the price of rent for a period of time but the current consumer behavior, consciousness of art consumption has not yet been established, many consumers are holding investment appreciation mentality in the art buying, driven mentality, consumers will not pay for the art rental. Secondly, the evaluation, pricing and insurance mechanisms are not perfect, so that the market needs a long process of cultivation”.
Line painting difficult to rent benchmark business stagnation
In 2014 by the Hefu group Beijing branch building, claiming to be the world’s most popular Internet only professional art rental platform painting to rent high-profile on-line, the platform will be said to the art lovers and nearly 200 artists, galleries and art galleries together in the art trade circulation platform to build a set of art exhibitions, trading circulation and investment advisers, learning exchanges and other functions in one. For a time, painting “easy rent” frequently appeared in newspapers, more media wrote in the report, “the world’s only art online rental” painting easy rental “model sought after”.
Three years have passed, and once fired hot paintings easy rental platform, now operating conditions? Beijing Daily reporter on the official website that browse picture easy to rent, the official website the latest activity to stay in the spring of 2016, last updated App for December 2015, and the painting to rent multiple items on the platform show “products in the current inventory shortage” or “products have the shelf or do not exist in other words.
Easy to draw rent status of website operation stagnation, Beijing Daily reporter tried to verify the painting to rent relevant responsible person and has two times the official website of the WeChat added number of applications were not through friends, then a reporter came to the official website of the show in Wangfujing Macao correspondence address 15 layer center found that has been deserted, the rest of the the floor staff told reporters that the company has moved for a long time. For further confirmation, reporters call the Hefu group headquarters of the phone, but was told the responsible person has to travel, can not reply to the reporter’s question.
Why did the paintings that were once sought after were rented out, but now they have stopped operating? Insiders said: the lease on the platform for more paintings, and reference prices too high. Beijing Daily reporter found that the platform works are not marked the price for more than a few million, consumers can monthly rental, with a size of 67 x 76cm price of 30 thousand yuan of “nine fish” as an example, consumers pay a monthly rental fee of 30 yuan, the short term is 1 years. And in an electronic business platform inquires the discovery, “nine fish diagram” works price from several hundred yuan to 10000 yuan, the highest price is not more than 25 thousand yuan.
In season’s view, the price of the paintings was not expensive. As long as the consumers investigated more, they would know the price of the painting market. On the platform, may be less than a year, already can recover the cost, at first there will be uninformed consumers pay for a long time, but can understand the market price, will be two times of consumption, so it is unable to form a benign market stability.

Japanese media rumors: Chinese rich steal gold transferred to Japan

Japanese media “Nikkei news” published a seemingly hearsay news, showing the financial cooperation in an unusual but high-profile cases reported that part of China investors rich is working with the Japanese Yakuza, gold smuggled into japan. The benefits are simple: Chinese investors are increasingly afraid that the devaluation of the renminbi will cause volatility in the stock and bond markets, so they need to circumvent China’s strict capital controls and roll out funds from china. The Japanese gangsters made good profits by shunning the Japanese government’s consumption tax.
The report said: “the evidence shows that some Chinese people also have difficulty investing in their assets, so they are transferring wealth abroad through gold smuggling.”. They allegedly hired Japanese gangster from Chinese, South Korea and other places of gold shipped to Japan, to avoid the consumption tax enough so that they can easily buy Asian airports carrier and staff.”
The Nikkei said that while the report was largely anecdotal, data showed a sharp rise in gold demand in China, which coincided with a rise in Japanese customs officials’ involvement in smuggling.
“Data from the point of view, the World Gold Association (World Gold Council) statistics show that as of the three months to June this year, the global jewelry consumption and investment fell 13.3%, but Chinese demand increased by 7.8%.
On similar news, the Chinese media, the Shenyang daily, reported that Shenyang customs had found 21 members of the gold smuggling ring. Six people were arrested for trying to smuggle 45 kilograms of gold from China, while others were arrested for trying to smuggle 37 kilograms of gold at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport in March 21st. A member was sent back to Shenyang in January after trying to smuggle 8 kilograms of gold into japan.
Meanwhile, the Nikkei newspaper pointed out that since the Japanese excise tax was raised from 5% to 8% in April 2014, Japan’s gold smuggling cases have increased, and quickly become a popular destination for gold smugglers. Although tax increases are a burden to consumers, it has proved a boon for criminals.
“Japan is rapidly becoming a destination for gold smugglers,” the report said. According to the Japanese Ministry of finance data, by the end of June 2015, Japan carried out fines or other penalties for 177 gold smuggling case. In contrast, less than 10 cases of gold smuggling were investigated and dealt with in 2012 and 2013. In the following year, the number of cases continued to grow, to 294, a record high, but that may be the tip of the iceberg, as many cases are still under investigation, the authorities believe.”
The scam was complicated: Japanese gangsters, who worked with insiders at Japan’s vanilla air Budget airline company, hid some gold on the plane when they landed at China’s airports.
Japanese media: hearsay part of China’s rich stole gold transferred to Japan
The number of gold smuggling cases being investigated in Japan
Then they waited for the plane to carry out domestic flights. This will provide them with the opportunity to take the gold out of the plane without being caught by the customs.
Once the gold is safely out of the plane, smugglers will sell the gold through seemingly legitimate businessmen, thereby embezzling the amount of excise tax.
“In Japan, gold has to pay excise duty when it enters the country,” the report said. When gold is sold, the consumption tax is reflected in the price, which shifts the cost to the buyer. By circumventing the initial process of tax collection, the smugglers can obtain the profits equal to the tax amount. The Japanese government’s increasing consumption tax means that smugglers can get even greater returns.”
Japanese officials said they were surprised by the smugglers’ excellent performance and pointed out the support of a large group of “big money” behind them. A recent smuggling case involving members of the rice, Sichuan Branch, they were caught smuggling 112 kilograms of gold from Macao to Japan with a private jet.
An official of the Japan Customs Bureau said: “the use of the method of smuggling Budget airline company really surprised us, Saga County in a gold smuggling case by using the method of drug smuggling and the sea. The forces behind these cases deserve our consideration.”
Japanese authorities suspect that big organizations with big money are smuggling and hiring different people at different stages. Much of the blame for these smuggling cases falls on organized criminal syndicates. In 2016, a case involving members of the rice and rice trade carried 112 kilograms of gold in a private jet flying to Macao. Statistics from the Japanese Ministry of Finance show that 51% of the 294 cases of gold smuggling this year were japanese.

Jade collection, careful dyeing of jade!

There are always some Wenwan circle in order to reap the benefits of selling fake jade jewelry vendors, these “jade” stains “transformed” into a valuable “southern red” and “Turquoise” etc.. Therefore, in order to no longer be deceived, first of all, we must familiarize ourselves with the means of counterfeiting businesses, and then go to the market to exercise their eyesight. Today, I’m going to take stock of the tricky things in the stained jade.
Hetian jade imitation leather dyeing seed material”
The light is deposited by the natural grain price abruptly, there are some trace elements in sedimentary hematite, limonite and so on, so the seed material the depth of skin color is not the same, there will be some lock. By chemical coloring of the leather is too bright, all the cracks with the deposition of the dye dark.
“Glass stained imitation” and Hetian jade with jade”
Glass imitations are becoming more and more advanced, and bubbles and so on are not easy to be found. Even the fracture can be imitated very much. The differential points to observe the cotton flower, is not covered, should be presented to the existing local, in some places, and then Tian Yuzhong will appear in some small watershed; color, and Tian Yu white will not appear softer, glass that looked white.
Magnesite dyed turquoise”
Turquoise soaring prices in the past two years, imitation products are usually dyed magnesite imitation, but also useful imitation resin. The origin of magnesite is Inner Mongolia, the color is white. After dyeing, the gum is similar to the turquoise. It has always been an important imitation of turquoise. However, careful observation, color and natural turquoise there is a certain difference, zoom in, the color cracks deposition, uneven dyeing.
Quartzite dyed imitation Lapis lazuli”
With the collection of lapis lazuli, there are many ways to imitate Lapis lazuli. The quartz rock dyed imitation lapis lazuli hand string structure is a granular structure, and the color is in the crack to enter, the transmission light can be beaten through, the lapis lazuli is opaque, and the existence of pyrite can not be found.
Quartz staining “south red””
Quartzite imitation southern red texture is delicate, pure ingredients, high transparency, high porosity, which makes the artificial coloring treatment effect is relatively easy to drill, southern Red primary lovers love to carefully identify.
The jade imitation “sugalite dyeing”
Brilliant purple, sugalite is charming place. Recently, there has been a lot of jade dyeing imitation sugalite beads, bracelets, pendants and so on, because of the low price, a lot of people. Dyeing jade imitation sugalite, surface gloss is not enough, and the observation of visible cracks with a magnifying glass.
Quartzite dyed imitation sugalite”
Quartzite dyed and sugalite color like, but too uniform structure, granular structure, color along the slit deposition, slightly lighter than sugalite at hand. The purple sugalite distribution is not very uniform, often appear white and black rock rare quartz.
“Dushan jade jade imitation dyeing”
From the appearance, and Dushan jade exactly the same, but still top grade. Caramel color and very like. Enlarge, observe, enter the color crack, the hands are lighter, the hardness is low, and the fabric is interwoven.

The lady lost calligraphy marshals to help find the night

Huaihua railway police detachment received a woman sent a banner, responsible for the detachment marshals, timely help to get the value of about 100000 yuan of famous calligraphy, thanks.
Originally, Ms. Zhang, 41 years old, was from Huaihua. In August 26th, she took the Beijing West train bound for Huaihua k267, arrived in Huaihua on August 27th, when they found that their home will be a brown bag forgotten in the sleeper compartment, there are from the Beijing auction of the famous calligraphy works of three, the total value of about 100000 yuan. Ms. Zhang rushed to the Huaihua railway police detachment for help. At that time, the train had gone to the car, empty, the carriage did not leave anything. Police through visits and check the train surveillance video, and finally identified a man of about 30 years old, took Ms. Zhang shopping bags. After careful investigation, the man locked the Department of Wang, Hunan, Xupu.
The target is determined, the Huaihua Railway Police Detachment use to obtain information, contact with the man immediately, the other is that the wrong person items offered to return to the owner. Night police drove to Xupu, to find out the name of the man surnamed Wang’s residence, verified after shopping bags back. In the early morning of August 28th, the police returned the shopping bag back to the woman who had lost her claim. After checking, Ms. Zhang saw the shopping bag is complete, the slightest loss of time, excited to tears, holding the hand of the police, said: “thank you for your warm help, for me in time to recover the loss.”.”

Why is it so difficult to protect art rights?

Recently, the 2017 session of the wide attention of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Department of printmaking artist Yu An “series of works” a motley crew activist event by the industry. In the era of knowledge economy, art works show great commercial value, but in the face of the infringement of works of art, the rights of artists are also facing many difficulties. Some experts pointed out that the art works difficult to prove, high cost of rights and artists themselves weak consciousness is an important cause of frequent infringement of works.
Phenomenon: infringement is rampant, rights are passive
“” series of works of artists is a motley crew of more than an graduation creation, will print works with posters presented in the form of attention. In July, more than an accidental discovery of a public exhibition in Shanghai, Kang creation “empty nest” youth and her works is very similar, as outstanding finalists show in three large advertisements for Xujiahui subway station in Shanghai. On the active website, plagiarism is also at the top of popularity rankings.
In the face of blatant, greater infringement, Yu an timely communication with the organizers, will be removed from the work of plagiarism, ready to change her original. Recalling the rights of the road for more than a month, but it is difficult. “I contacted the copier directly, and he apologized in micro-blog and quickly deleted it. I asked for a lawyer’s help.” Yu told the Beijing Business Daily reporter that due to the special nature of art and creativity, she felt that the rights of artists in the legal provisions of the protection is very weak, the need to support the media and public opinion support. I rest on the rights of lawyers fees can be said through the “public raised” approach to solve. “I got in touch with an influential, special exposure, artistic plagiarism, WeChat public number, supported by this platform.”
In terms of the domestic art market, the cognition of the copyright of art is almost a blind spot. Most of the artists, including Yu, have never known the legal documents before the infringement. Many people will not even try to pursue the right after the infringement. Yu said, “during my stay in the central United States, I heard this kind of thing every year. It was not only one or two, but it was a pile of things.”. All my friends have got used to it, and they advised me not to dispute with them. Negative attitude stems from the fact that we often encounter this problem”.
In addition to young artists, some mature and well-known artists are faced with infringement problems, but also quite helpless. “I once saw a piece of work at an auction house,” He Jiaying, vice chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, told a conference. This piece of work is similar to one of my creations, and it is so true that I can’t even identify it.” Infringing copies abound, which is why He Jiaying is reluctant to authorize others to develop derivatives.